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  2. Offset 5-Farben-Maschinen
  3. KBA Rapida 105-5+L SAPC CX ALV 2
KBA Rapida 105-5+L SAPC CX ALV 2
Offset 5-Farben-Maschinen

Ref.Nr.    9934

Baujahr: 2011

Format    72 x 105 cm


approx. 166 million impressions (Nov. 2021)

SAPC ( Semi automatic plate change )

 CX ( cardboard device up to 1,2 mm. )

 ALV2 ( Extended delivery of 2600 mm. )

 Elevated 375 mm.

 ACR control



 Air sheet guiding ( Venturi system )

 coating tower with chamber doctor blade

 dampening system ( Type Delta Drive )

 Baldwin Refrigeration

 Washers Baldwin for blankets and rollers

 Ink oscilator rollers refrigerator by air


 Dryer KBA VaryDry IR / Hot air in the extended delivery

 Non stop manual in feeder 

 Non stop in delivery

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