Heidelberg CD 102-4 L(X1)
offset 4-colour-machines

ref.no. 10012
built: 2017
size: 72 x 102 cm

approx. 72 million impressions,
PrinectCenter XL 2 with EasyControl,
FilterStar Compact,
Technotrans refrigeration CombiStar aircooled,
Ink roller wash
Blanket wash
Impression cylinder wash
Clean Star compact

CleanStar Compact
Preset Plus Feeder with NonStop
Preset Plus extended Delivery with NonStop
DryStar with IR-Dryer 2 slide-in air cooled
ultrasonic double sheet control
FilterStar Compact
Airstar Pro aircooled
powder device Weko AP262
antistatic device Compact in Feeder and Delivery
machine speed max 15.000 s/h