built: 2014
size: 75 x 106 cm

only approx. 142 million impressions
Press Center with Wallscreen
AutoPlate XL full automatic simultaneous plate change
Preset Plus Feeder,
Preset Plus Delivery (X2),
CombiStar Pro CANopen water cooled,
PowderStar AP 262,
CoatingStar Canopen;
AirStar Pro air supply cabinet water cooled,
StaticStar Compact antitstaic device,

LE UV equipment and details DryStar (water cooled )
2 x IST UV modules in the delivery each 200 Watt/cm
1 x cold air device
2 x IST UV interdeck dryer 200 Watt/cm
+ 5 x change positions
5 x ink mist exhaust hoods
5 x ink agitators
mixed rollers Böttcher for hybride use

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