built: 2011

approx. 210 million impressions
(grippers replaced at 160 million impressions)
Presscenter with Wallscreen
Prinect Inpress control
Autoplate XL
Heidelberg Service
Dampening solution circulating and cooling, combistar
Coating unit chambered blades (1000l/h)
Anilox Roller X2
Programmable washers
Non stop delivery (rake)
X3 delivery extention
WEKO AP 500 Duo powderspray
Advanced Ionisation
Preset Plus feeder & delivery
Auto ink roller wash
Auto blanket wash
Auto impression cylinder wash
Water cooled – No pump and chiller
Varnishing Unit with chambered doctor – blade system
Alcolor damping
Ink temperature control
IPA Version
IPA measuring Premium
Varnish supply unit 1000 I/h, last coating unit
Varnish metering, last coating unit chambered blade
Program – controlled washup device
Intercom to delivery
Double sheet dectector – pulling device
Ultrasonic double sheet detector
Multiple-sheet detector/forwarding roller
Sheet guidance guide plate cooled
Dryer equipment, extended delivery 4 slide in dryers
All cabinet are water cooling
Air supply AirStar Pro, water cooled
Delivery IR dryer (cassette 1: 6pcs Lamp, Cassette 2-3-4 blower system)
Printing unit 6 (Dryer unit) with 2 IR lamp + Hot&cold blower
Printing unit 7 (Coating unit) with chamber dotor blade and 2 IR lamp + Hot&cold blower
Printing Unit 8 (Dryer unit) with 2 IR lamp + Hot&cold blower
Printing Unit 9 (Dryer unit) with 2 IR lamp + Hot&cold blower

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